MIRA Energia
was established with the aim of helping to develop a sustainable future, based on a balance between innovation and the responsible use of the resources offered by our planet. At a time when the availability of energy is a critical issue, there must be a paradigm shift in the energy model of our society. With this in mind MIRA Energia is committed to offering global solutions.

This is possible thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of different technologies and energy processes. Our mission is to provide a quality service aimed at maximizing energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy, while always striving for technical and economic optimization.

MIRA Energia offers its services to:

  • Promoters
  • Architects
  • Industry business men
  • Tertiary sector building entrepreneurs
  • Energy service companies
  • Public administration
  • Research centers

MIRA Energia is an independent consulting service that seeks to work closely with our clients. This form of outsourcing provides economic advantages and versatility.

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